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The Church of Rave


Hello and welcome to the Church of Rave.

The Church is a religious organization dedicated to offering sacramental molecules in the service of bliss and spiritual ecstasy. As such, we exempt ourselves from state taxation but voluntarily offer tithes to contribute to worthy ventures. We disavow any links, formal or informal, to existing organized religions and ideological structures.

Ordering Information

The Church hidden service will no longer be listing sacraments or operating as a public storefront. Rather, it will primarily serve as a point of information about the offerings associated with the Church which are available through Official Stockists. Those looking to acquire Church products should make use of these Stockists, who ship from various locations worldwide and are held to a standard of reliability.

The Church hidden service will also serve as a point of contact for those interested in starting the process to become an Official Stockist or those with ideas to contribute value to the Church business or to the community as a whole. The Church may contribute funding or materials for ventures which benefit the community. In addition to potential Stockists, the Church wants to hear from:

  • Industry innovators who can improve and introduce techniques of production and distribution: For instance, the Church is interested in facilitating microdot production as well as further refinement/purification of materials through such methods as column chromatography and recrystallization.
  • Sources including wholesalers and laboratories: We offer laboratories or those with a close connection to a laboratory access to our customer base and distribution network. Sources benefit from our expertise in securely working through darknet platforms.
  • Clandestine chemists: The Church can help to source key ingredients for LSD and MDMA production
  • The scientifically inclined: The Church has an interest in funding and facilitating sophisticated analysis of materials through NMR, GC-MS, and other methods.
  • Researchers: Those interested in performing blind tests or other research on psychedelics
  • Anyone with an idea to benefit the psychedelics distribution networks, community, or movement

If any of the above descriptions apply to you, please send us a message through this hidden service.


Church Protocols:

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Comments on the content of this hidden service page can be directed to Clergy members dxuutx and Mist. Clergy contact information can be found here

Last update: 18/01/28

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